A bit of magic

Here's a bit of magic! It's Sunday night again - a week since I posted the goat, who has since come home, seemingly none the worse for wear although my son and the two kids (children not goats) were beside themselves and needed at least a day to recover. Obviously, the way to beat stress is - to turn into a goat.

After a week of plodding - terrible plodding that frequently slowed to a standstill - I woke up this morning with all my problems solved. When I bounced downstairs with this grand announcement, Paul could hardly believe it and paused mid muesli for the revelation.
'Which problem exactly?' he asked.
'All of them,' I said.
'Hmmm,' he said and carried on eating.

Well, it is a revelation. My problem all week has been - plotting - although in reality it was genre but I didn't know it.

All my novels are linked by magic. Well, a sort of magic anyhow - telepathy etc. Can't believe that I never realised. In every one of them, someone has special powers.

In the Dani stories, my mother and daughter are linked by telepathy - the daughter teaches the mother and it doesn't always work so there are heaps of misunderstandings.

They don't always like it, but it's there so they have to learn to live with it.

Such a pleasure to write and I never know what's going to happen in the end (although there is only one novel in that series left to finish now).

'My name is Aulanit' (previously titled 'The Sauly Bird') is about a modern day witch - she, too, has special powers.

And in 'Don't you remember me' (that isn't finished yet), the characters recognise each other from previous lives.

So now I know that I need to reclassify my novels as fantasy. They all have something to do with magic - even if feel that the magic has scientific explanations.

And now that I've realised it, admitted it, I can plough on happily and finish all of them - ready to carry on with some more.

I'm feeling high tonight - it won't last so I'll enjoy it while it does - hope that you've all got some magic that's transforming your lives. I'm thinking of you all.

Angie xx

PS Monday morning - I can't believe that I can have missed the obvious for so long - but I did. Sun is shining here - hope you have a peaceful, productive (do those two words conflict?) week. x

Thanks to  Anthony Tran on Unsplash for the photo.