About me

Hi there - I'm a writer. Can't stop. Welcome to my page - I'm so happy that you've come here. It would be marvellous if you would subscribe (and I'll follow you back if you send me your details).

I blog weekly for Hastings Online Times (HOT) - it's called Hastings Bookchat. If you're a reader or a writer based in Hastings or St Leonards (UK) - or if your books are set in Hastings, please get in touch and I'll try to include you in a HOT post. And do come and join Hastings Bookchat Facebook group - it's for everyone interested in books (wherever you live).

Nearly three years ago I started writing fiction. I'm writing a series of (probably 5) books called The Dani Stories. Currently I've completed the first three and I've just started trying to get these published. My two main characters are Esme and Daniela (mother and daughter) and the conflicts in their relationship form the background and many of the growing points in their lives. I love them both (and Dani's friend, Jaffa, too) and don't know what I shall do without them when I've finished their stories... but there's time yet. Two more to go.

As a brief break from Dani (only brief, I can't wait to get back to her), I've just started writing another novel set in Papua New Guinea. It's about the power of belief and how a few influential people can manipulate others to make them behave in ways that suit their agenda. In this case, to hurt, to maim and to kill. Aulani, the female protagonist, is a victim, but she is tough and she escapes and learns how to reverse her fate.

I'm a reader, of course. Books have saved my life. I've got so many favourites - Maya Angelou,  Esi Edugyan, Zadie Smith, Kate Atkinson, Barbara Kingsolver, Tim Winton, Elena Ferrante, Fyodor Dostoevsky, James Baldwin, Doris Lessing, Toni Morrison, Kazuo Ishiguro, Andrea Levy, Kate Grenville, Margaret Atwood (especially her poems), Haruki Murakami, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Maggie O'Farrell, Marilynne Robinson, Goethe, Yevtushenko, Colm Toibin, Rose Tremain, Yaa Gyasi - and so many more.

I live in beautiful Hastings.

And for many years I lived in Papua New Guinea - also stunningly beautiful - my second home.

My interests (apart from reading & writing)
Sound & Rhythm in prose - when we read, we hear the words in our head (even though we're reading so much faster than we speak) so the rhythm and the sound matter. Not only in poetry (we all know that) but in prose, too. Our hearts can beat as one when rhythms sync. (I'm an applied linguist with a doctorate from Edinburgh and have worked at the University of Papua New Guinea and in the UK at Oxford Brookes University.)

Blue Rumour
Music - folk music, jazz and blues. I sing and play in a band called Blue Rumour. We've got a gig on September 29th playing for the Sustainability-on-Sea festival.  We're going to be joined by guest fiddler, Stephen Taylor and guest percussionist, Laurie Temple. Have a look at our website on the Blue Rumour link.

My Loves
My family & friends - you are marvellous - couldn't manage without you.

Greeting dogs & cats - at the risk of sounding soppy, have to admit that I greet animals I meet on the street or in buses. Keep trying not to get another dog because I like to travel and dogs miss you...

...& birds - did you know that seagulls can live till they're 50 and stick with one mate - and that magpies are very clever....and that there are three wood pigeons who come and sit outside on my verandah when I play a certain high note on the fiddle?