The Bookkeeper Bookshop (1A Kings Rd, St Leonards) - little picture blog

Yes, it's Carol Dennard of The Bookkeeper Bookshop and here we are.

You can smell the sea (only two streets away - run down and you're there - run back and you're here!)

Here's Carol showing us some of her books. The Bookkeeper Bookshop is a Dennard family affair. She runs it with her son, Robert (and husband, Roger, looks after the shop on Saturdays).

People drop in and chat - it's on Kings Road in St Leonards and everything's going on. You can buy a guitar or an old leather sofa. You can find a friend and have a coffee - or you can have a coffee and find a friend. This place is friendly.

Here's Robert. Working hard and dreaming of all sorts of things (including a shack by the sea). He's pleased to see you.

And here I am chatting to Carol - don't want to stop....

Don't want to leave. Spoilt for choice. What a selection!

Have to go now.... back soon.

for more information, please see: The Bookkeeper Bookshop