I'm running more and writing less (by the way, that isn't me in the pic... if only...), but soon I'm hoping for an explosion of energy that converts into pure brain power. With my new fitbit lookalike (cheap version, not a real one, but still, it's good) I'm hopeful.

I've managed to change my target steps from 8,000 to 4,000. I still haven't achieved 4,000 (not quite) but I remain hopeful. You should see me getting up out of my writing chair and running on the spot. I'm beginning to feel quite athletic and tomorrow I'm going to walk to the dentist's so that should boost the number of steps (about a mile all along the sea front).

OK, enough of that. I'm getting to sound like somebody who's come to the blog via Damascus, but I can't help feeling excited. I feel so healthy and I've only had it for two days (the fitbit I mean).

With my rewrite of Talking, can you hear me? I keep hesitating and wondering if it's worth it. I'm on chapter 18. The reason I haven't got very far since the last post is not because I've been running, it's because I've been working on this week's post for Hastings Online Times (due out tomorrow at 9 am - I'll add a link here when it's live or do a separate posting).

It's on Writing Competitions - a list of them with entry criteria and deadlines. I'm hoping to enter one of them myself. What about you guys? Have you ever entered a competition? Did you win? I suppose it's very unlikely that any of us will win but you never know - somebody will be the winner.

I'd better get up and do a quick run before getting back to Talking chapter 18. I hope that your writing is going well.

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