I've made the decision so now I have to get it done - get the first novel published. I'm going to do it with Amazon KDP and my friend tells me that I can change anything after it is published - but not the title! And not the size.

Spend all day with a tape measure picking up one book after another to check which size I'd prefer. Look up to see what is standard in the US (got to be ready for the American market ...ha ha.). Get hopelessly confused with the conflicting information I find on the web, so make my decision based on the tape measure and the books I have in my house. I've got Barbara Kingsolver's latest novel, but it's published by Faber - could they have decided on the same size as her American publisher, I wonder? Who knows...

My final decision is 5.25 inches x 8 inches. That would at least fit into my little shoulder bag. If it were me buying a book, I wouldn't want one that wouldn't fit into my bag. I conclude from this that all the people who buy the standard size trade books of 6 x 9 inches must carry bigger bags than I do.

I come to the end of the day (yesterday that is - Saturday) and go to bed but I've got to get the title right - and the series title, too.

I spent the whole of last night trying to go to sleep between titles. I'd just be dozing off when I'd think of another one. Got to write it down or I might forget it so  - light on. Pick up phone. Use my finger while lying on my side in an awkward position to type into google the latest inspiration. Whoops. It's somebody else's title. Was made into a blockbuster film four years ago (how come I never noticed it?). Can't have that one.

Light off. Phone next to bed. Toss and turn. Think of another title. Quick. Light on again, Input perfect title into phone. Check in google and amazon. Only slight change needed to make it unique. Go to google drive to add it to my titles doc. Good. That's it then. Everything off.

But no. This process repeats until it's almost morning and I'm exhausted.

The final result is that the titles for the first two books have been finally sorted:
Bk 1 - The Bundle of Joy
Bk 2 - Getting left behind.

Books 3 and 4 stay the same:
Bk 3 - Daniela Hoffman is not stupid.
Bk 4 - The third father.

Relief. I like all those and they fit well, work well.

But still no series title. The latest one doesn't quite work..... so I hope I'm not going to have another sleepless night tonight.

Wishing you a peaceful slumber and sweet dreams.

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